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Wisdom Centering

How honoring our emotions can lead to wisdom centering. From there we will understand the direction to take in that moment and for the rest our lives.

We often live our lives not even realizing that painful emotions are glued to our psyche. We may feel heaviness and pain around our chest area. We may have headaches. We may feel depressed and/or anxious. But how often do we stop and acknowledge these feelings and sensations? How often do we allow the feeling to freely come forward and speak to us? How often do we put our feelings in a place of honor so that we may hear their wisdom?

Most of us don't go through that healing process; we simply move forward not knowing our inner pain is hurting ourselves and others. For most of us, the pain causes impulse control problems, i.e., speaking harshly, becoming violent, shaming others, making terrible life choices, taking drugs, etc..

It's time to stop and look within and find what pain may have attached itself to our chest. Time to bring it forward to a place of honor and breathe deeply. When the pain is honored and listened too, our chest and mind become lighter. We're in a better position to listen to the wisdom of our emotions then make life decisions from our higher, centered self.

Note: If you find a feeling that is traumatic, please only take this journey with a good therapist who you trust.
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