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Welcome to VSVitale.com

V.S. Vitale is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist who specializes in stories that bring healing to the reader or listener. She has an active private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area where she also uses her experience as a life-long musician to compose and teach piano. Writing internationally for meditational journals, radio programs, and magazines fueled her into writing for larger audiences embracing all cultures, ages, and spiritualities. In her practice, she specializes in helping clients heal from: PTSD, anxiety and panic disorder, depression, communication problems, relationship issues, phase of life transition problems, cultural ethnic issues, medical/behavioral co-morbidity, men's issues, women's issues, victims of violence, and individuals and families dealing with a difficult medical diagnosis.

V.S. Vitale wrote and produced a Youtube guided meditation that helps build emotional strength to the listener. Music composed by Will Schneider.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wLbXB8SJeo


Vitale's podcast on how to heal us-versus-them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYSmxDnf5sk


V.S. Vitale's novel:    Read the River: A Novel

On the surface of this novel readers will find an engaging story of two brothers, their relationship, and their journey to heal. Below the surface readers will be plunged into an allegorical world where they will be befriended by the guardians of the River and will even be embraced by the River Herself. As the reader finds a new reality, they may find the meat of their own inner story and use it to transmute any manner of pain into a new beginning, a deeper sense of wisdom, and a lasting contentment that goes beyond the self.

Five-star reviews.